Heritage Bluffs Public Golf Club, Channahon, IL

Popular Public Course South Of Chicago

About an hour Southwest of Chicago you will find Heritage Bluffs Golf Club, located in Channahon, Illinois. It is easily accessible off of Interstate 55 just south of Interstate 80.

The course is almost always busy as the combination of competitive rates, good location, and a difficult track that offers a nice variety of holes, keeps people coming back for more. When I played there after the reopen due to COVID, the place was packed on a Friday afternoon.

According to their website, heritage bluffs.com, early bird during the week (before 7:30 can be just $11 to walk and $29 with a cart. Prime morning rates are $59 with a cart, while midday rates are $49 and twilight rates are $39 with discounted rates for residents. Weekends do get a bit more expensive with mornings costing $79 with a cart, $59 midday but still just $39 twilight.

The online scorecard shows four tees at Heritage Bluffs, the Gold, Black, Silver and Copper. This article will use the Black tees as the point of reference. The course rating is 71.6 with a slope rating of 132. The front nine plays at 3,353 yards, while the back nine plays 3,264 yards for a total of 6,617 yards on the par-72 course. The Gold plays from 7,171 yards, allowing the course to play long from the tips.

The Holes

No. 1: The first hole plays 409 yards and is a straight and open hole. However, there are a couple of bunkers to the left that can cause problems. The green is large, making par a possibility to start.

No. 2: At 394 yards, the second hole is tight initially off the tee, but opens up down the fairway with plenty of miss room to the right.

No. 3: A par-5, the 503-yard hole is most likely a three-shot hole with rough separating fairways, a larger bunker down the right side of the fair way off your drive with woods to the left and water to the right that comes into play for your second/approach shot.

No. 4: The 433-yard par-4 allows for a miss off the tee, but the length alone makes it a difficult hole. There still are some trees in play to the left as well.

Hole 3

No. 5: The first par-3 is 177 yards and is fairly manageable. However, it is the longest of the par-3s and missing left and lead to a cart path, while missing right can lead to some hill problems.

No. 6: A 387 yard par-4, a driver probably isn’t the play here as an accurate shot is a must here with woods surrounding the hole, especially right, along with bunkers.

No. 7: A dogleg par-4, the seventh hole plays 379, but there is potential to cut off some distance. However, there is some woods to the right if you cut off too much of the dogleg. There is water front left of the green, adding to the difficulty on the hardest hole on the course, but a

Hole 7

scenic one as well.

No. 8: It plays just 144 yards with plenty of miss room left, but with a bunker in front of the green and a hill over the green, distance control is a must on this hole.

No. 9: The front nine at Heritage Bluffs finishes with a 527-yard par-5. There is some out of bounds right, but plenty of room to miss left, just have to deal with hills. Bunkers guard the green again, making approach shots difficult.

No. 10: The back nine starts with another dogleg right. A layup off the tee is a smart option as a driver could go through the fairway into water. The water also guards an uphill approach to the green on the left, making it longer than the 351 yards it plays.

Hole 10

No. 11: Another split fairway for the par-5, which plays 512 yards. A driver could be too much club again on another dogleg right, leading to a shot into the rough. From there it is straight to the green and a makable par or birdie hole.

No. 12: The longest par-4 on the course at 445 yards, distance and accuracy off the tee are a must. Bunkers again guard the green.

No. 13: Ranked the easiest hole on the course at 139 yards, it is all about distance again as going over the green can lead to a lost ball in the woods and short can find the bunker. There is plenty of room left and right as the green is wide.

No. 14: The final par-5 plays 540 yards. It plays fairly straight but planning shots will be the key to success on this hole.

Hole 16

No. 15: At 381 yards, this hole is another gem with a dogleg right leading to a beach by the green. It is definitely advised to miss left.

No. 16: A 152-yard par-3, water short and right can cause a problem, but there is plenty of miss room and a large green to still find success.

No. 17: The 374-yard par-4 at Heritage Bluffs is a slight dogleg right. There is plenty of miss room left, but trouble again right with more wooded area.

No. 18: At 370 yards and playing slightly downhill off the tee, the final hole always seems to play longer than the listed distance. There is woods to the left and your approach shot plays slightly back uphill.

Top 5 favorite holes

5. No. 3. It would probably be ranked higher for me but I always struggle on it so I have it ranked here.

4. No. 16. A fun short par-3 that provides a birdie opportunity.

3. No. 10. The ability to play different shots off the tee and the uphill shot at the green make this hole fun to play.

Hole 15

2. No. 7. Not only is it challenging, but you have the opportunity to cut the dogleg and have a real shot second shot and a birdie opportunity as well.

  1. No. 15. From sheer beauty, its hard to top a hole with a beach.

Toughest hole: No. 3. There is so much trouble and a fast green. You have to play each shot well just to make a par.

Easiest hole: No. 13. Sure, there is trouble long. But a large green and a short hole and a good chance at a par.

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