Mistwood Golf Club, Romeoville, IL

Newly remodeled course among the best in Chicagoland area

Located about 40 minutes from Chicago, Mistwood Golf Club has been completely remodeled the past few years to become one of the premier golf establishments in not only the Chicagoland area, but the entire midwest.

Mistwood was already a nice course before the remodel, but since, it has gone to a new level. On top of the improved course, the pro shop is one-of-a-kind in the midwest and also offers a wedding and banquet room and has McWethy’s Tavern for food and drinks. It also has the premier driving range and learning center in the state.

As for the golf itself, it is not cheap. According to their website, Mistwoodgc.com, a weekday round (Monday-Thursday) goes for $85 with a cart, with it $65 after 2 p.m. Weekends cost $110 with it being $90 after 2 p.m. Juniors and seniors can play for $65 any day. There also is membership potential. Range balls are included in your round, as is a bottle of water, which can be found in the cooler in your cart.

Mistwood Golf Club was in pristine condition and is a ball-strikers course. It doesn’t play particularly long, but being precise off the tee and on your approach shot is key with trouble off the fairways and large, sloped greens.

Note: Yardage is given from the Black tees. The tees are as follows: Championship – 7,005. Gold – 6,782. Black – 6,396. Blue – 5,961. Red – 5,332.

The holes

No. 1 The course begins with a straight par-4 that plays 365 yards. It features a creek that splits the fairway in two and is a factor off the tee. There are bunkers behind and to the left of the green and a chipping area to the right.

No. 2: A par-4 that doglegs left and plays 358 yards, the second hole doesn’t appear too difficult at first sight, but there is plenty of trouble. There are trees to the left and fescue to the far right, with a hilly fairway and fairway bunkers on the right side of the fairway as well as around 100 yards in front of the green. There is a grassy bunker in front of the green as well as bunkers scattered around the green.

Third hole at Mistwood Golf Club
Third hole at Mistwood Golf Club

No. 3: The newly-remodeled par-5 plays at 514 but can be reached in two shots. There is a large split fairway, with water to the right and bunkers splitting the fairway. It gets much tighter towards the green and the water comes more and more into play, covering the front right portion of the green. The green is rather large, but has very difficult slopes throughout making a three-putt the norm.

No. 4: The fourth hole plays 404 yards and is a dogleg left with bunkers guarding the left of the dogleg. However, the big hitters can potentially carry the bunkers and leave a short iron shot into the green. There is some room to bail right at the green with a chipping area, but there is a bunker in front of it. Another large, but difficult green.

No. 5: Plays at just 348 yards, but has water down the right throughout the hole. There is a lot of room to bail left, but there is fescue out there if you overcompensate. The green is multi-tiered with water to both sides and a bunker to the left. It also is slightly uphill to the green, especially around the green.

No. 6: A dogleg 373-yard hole, the sixth doglegs right and has trouble right with trees and water. There also is a creek around 100 yards out that splits the fairway. There are also a few bunkers to the left of the green.

No. 7: At 182 yards, the first par-3 on the course isn’t an easy one as it has water behind the large green. There isn’t much trouble short and there is a decent amount of room, but you can lose balls to both the left and right of the green.

8th hole

No. 8: Another split par-5 fairway, it plays 521 yards. There is water to the right, but the right fairway also makes the hole play a bit shorter. The water comes out more around 125 yards, making for a difficult second shot. A deeply sloped green from the front down to the back adds to the challenge, as does a bunker to the left, water to the right and fescue behind the green.

No. 9: The par-3 plays 166 and is fairly straight-forward. There is water to the right and a creek around 50 yards in front of the green. A bunker to the left of the green is an easy bail out location.

No. 10: The back nine starts with a 323-yard dogleg right. The potential is there to cut the dogleg and drive the green. There also is plenty of fairway to the left, but trees block the green to the right. There is a bowl in the right side of the green that can collect some balls as well.

No. 11: Playing 403 yards, the 11th is littered with fairway bunkers, but has none around the green. It is a tight green and offers one of the tighter fairways.

12th hole

No. 12: The 368-yard 12th hole is similar to the 5th hole, but has the water to the left. It also features a deep pot bunker right in front of the green, making it an intimidating uphill approach shot.

No. 13: A 354-yard hole that has a tight driving area with trees to the right and bunkers to the left. Water also comes into play to the right of the green. Bailing left though leads to a fast, downhill chip for your third shot.

No. 14: The signature hole is a 190-yard par-3 over water. It is a picturesque hole but also is a difficult one. It is a downhill shot to the green with bunkers in front of the green, behind it and to the left.

No. 15: It is a hard, 528-yard hole that plays very long if you play the conservative route right of the water on your drive. If you carry the water, it plays much shorter. It is fairly tight from there up to the green with water left, a field to the right and sloping fairway towards the water.

No. 16: A big remodel job on this 341-yard hole has made it much more difficult. You need a good drive to make it over the water and there is still water left and a field and trees to the right. There also is water in front of the green.

No. 17: Although only 155 yards, the par-3 has difficulty with a narrow gap for your shot to the green, with fescue to the front right of the green.

No. 18: A 503-yard par-5 that requires an accurate tee shot between trees with more trees guarding a road to the right. There is also a creek in front of the green to offer more of a challenge for those trying to reach the green in two. The green is also not very deep from the back to the front and has bunkers in front and behind the green.

Top 5 favorite holes:
No. 16

5. No. 16. If you can hit it deep down the right side of the fairway, you can take the water out of play and have a pitch shot into the green. However, there is plenty of trouble all over.

4. No. 10. I’ve always been a fan of this hole because of the ability to drive the green or get very close by cutting off the dogleg.

3. No. 15. It is just such a unique hole with the sharp 90 degree dogleg left over water.

2. No. 3. Always a great hole as it allows numbers ranging from three to 10.

  1. No. 14. The scenic hole is many people’s favorite hole.
Toughest hole:

No. 15. No. 8 is ranked the most difficult, bu

15th hole

\3rd hole at Mistwood Golf Clubt I think 15 is much tougher. The tee shot is harder and the tight fairway that slopes towards the water makes accuracy vital.

Easiest hole:

No. 10. It is ranked the easiest and I agree. There is a ton of room out to the left and you can hit a couple of six irons and get on the green.


Hit some practice putts because these greens are fast! Also take advantage of the free range balls with your round. Be sure to bring plenty of balls as there are plenty of opportunities to lose them on every hole!

14th hole at Mistwood

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