TPC Deere Run, Silvis, IL

Quad Cities Course home to the John Deere Classic

Out of all the courses in the Chicagoland area, the only course that hosts a golf tournament on a yearly basis is TPC Deere Run in Silvis, IL, right next to the quad cities.

The course is known for the low scores posted on it during the John Deere Classic, as well as for the dramatic endings it has, with this year being no different. Unlike many PGA Tour courses, Deere Run is manageable for the average golfer.

It is also reasonably priced with discount levels up to as many as 90 days in advance. A regular round costs $119 during the week in the morning, with a $109 cost in the afternoon. Late afternoon rates dip to $95 or $79 and can even be seen as low as $59.

Weekend rates start at $135 for the morning, with it going to $115 after noon. The price dips down to $95 and $75 as it gets later in the day.

The tees for Deere Run are as follows: Black (7,066), Blue (6,502), Blue/White (6,269), White (6,008), White/Gold (5,563) and Gold (5,179). This review is from the Blue tees.

The greens are fast as you would expect and the course is in terrific shape. The rough is much more difficult during the tournament than the rest of the year, but it still is far from easy.

No. 1: The first hole is an uphill, dogleg left at 359 yards. It is the second easiest hole on the course, making it a good starting hole to ease into your round as the fairway is large but is surrounded by bunkers around the dogleg.

Hole No. 2

No. 2: A 504-yard par-5, the second hole plays as one of the easiest at the John Deere Classic but isn’t as easy for the casual golfer. It is a slight dogleg right off the tee but is a tight drive with fescue to the right of the fairway. If you go for the green in two, water to the left comes into play and it can even come into play for a wayward and long layup. The green is also very small.

No. 3: This 157-yard par-3 is a bear to walk as the green is well uphill from the tee. The green is rather large at 42 yards and that is a good thing with a deep bunker off the green to the front right. It easily plays two clubs longer.

No. 4: At 418 yards, the fourth hole has a large fairway, but has a large tree splitting the fairway and also has one before even getting to the fairway. The hole plays fairly quick so the second shot is manageable if you can get it past the tree. The green is thin but deep with multiple tiers.

No. 5: The 411-yard par-4 has a slightly downhill approach shot to the green. If you hit your tee shot too good, it could go through the fairway to the rough. Bunkers guard the front right portion of the green.

No. 6: A short, 337-yard hole is a dogleg right up a hill. The fairway runs out on this hole as well and it is back downhill towards the green with a bunker to the front right of the green.

No. 7: A 189-yard par-3, the hole plays long and tight with trees to both sides. There is a bunker guarding the front left of the green, making the front right an easier bail out shot.

No. 8: This par-4 plays 371 yards and plays pretty straightforward with a slight dogleg right near the approach. There is a slope in the middle of the green, so you want to have an accurate distance on your approach shot. A bunker to the front and left of the green can add to the challenge as can the one to the front left.

No. 9: The most difficult hole on the course for the general public is also the hardest for the pros. It plays long at 456 and there is trouble all around, especially towards the green, with bunkers and trees with a very narrow route to the green.

No. 10 at TPC Deere Run
No. 10 at TPC Deere Run

No. 10: The back nine starts with a 512-yard par-5. Fairway bunkers come into play off the tee and there is water to the right of the green, making it difficult for the casual golfer to go for the green in two. The green slopes toward the water as well, making a miss to the left of the green a difficult shot on to the green with the water as a potential hazard still.

No. 11: A 392-yard par-4 with a slight dogleg left, the hole has a large fairway but can present a challenge with trees to both sides. Another green with a big slope and bunkers around the green.

No. 12: At 178 yards, this par-3 is far from easy, with more trees on both sides and big-breaking putts on the green. Bunkers also come into play around the green, adding to the challenge.

No. 13: The 386-yard par-4 is ranked as the easiest hole on the course. It plays fairly easy with a straight shot off the tee and towards the green with little trouble around.

No. 14: The ultimate risk/reward hole for the pros can also be one for long drivers. It plays 326 yards, but there is plenty of possibility for mistakes. Trees line both sides of the fairway and there is a nasty fairway bunker about 60 yards out on the right side of the fairway. There are also bunkers to the left, including one right in front of the green.

No. 15: A 429-yard par-4, it is the hardest hole on the back nine. It is long and tight. You can’t miss left with the trees and don’t really want to miss right, either. There are also bunkers around the green.

No. 16: A picturesque par-3 along the Rock River, the hole plays just 140 yards, but a shot missed left can end up in the river or at least down the hill next to the green or in the bunker, making it a difficult second shot.

No. 17: The interesting par-5 plays 504 yards and is reachable in two if you can clear a large bunker around 70 yards in front of the green. Another bunker directly in front of the green adds to the difficulty, as it can also affect putts on the long green.

No. 18 at TPC Deere Run

No. 18: The closing hole plays 433 yards and has water to the left. The fairway isn’t straight throughout the hole and has a slight dogleg right to the hole. Bunkers guard the right side of the green for those who want to bail out from the water.

Top five favorite holes:

5. No. 17: I’m always partial to par-5s and short par-4s. This par-5 is very unique with the bunker and large green and offers many different options.

4. No. 2: The ability to reach the green in two makes it fun and the challenges of a small green and the water on the left add to the greatness of the hole. It is amazing how easy the pros make this look.

3. No. 14: The short par-4 has so many options it is hard not to enjoy it. Even with its short length, it can be very dangerous with all of the trouble lurking.

2. No. 10: Somewhat similar to the second hole except the water is to the right of the green. It also is even tighter around the green which adds to the fun for some.

No. 16 at TPC Deere Run
  1. No. 16: It is hard not to like the beautiful par-3 along the river. It is a manageable hole that is fun to play, but the views bump it to the top hole.

Toughest hole:

No. 9: I have to agree with the handicap in this case. It is a very long par-4 and yet you have to be fairly accurate or you can get in trouble and post a huge score, even without the water hazards.

Easiest hole:

No. 6: It is ranked No. 13 but it seems to be easier than at least a few of the ones behind it. Not only is it short, there isn’t a whole lot of trouble and the fairway is a decent size. If you can avoid the rough between where the fairway ends and the green, you will probably agree.


Since this is a PGA course, you should play as far back as possible. I played too far up and it didn’t feel as much of a professional course as it would have.

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